Comfort Keepers  has the best caregivers in the business and we are very proud of the ones that we invite to join our company. We treat our caregivers with the utmost respect and dignity, so that they do the same with our clients. Our caregivers are very important to Comfort Keepers. They are dedicated, wonderful, caring people. We constantly appreciate their efforts to faithfully serve our clients. 

We value and appreciate our caregivers.  Our "Comfort Keepers"  have helped us to establish and maintain our exceptional reputation in the field of  non-medical in-home personal care.

Remember . . . to our clients
you ARE Comfort Keepers.

 Not everyone can be a "Comfort Keeper,"  but those who are invited to join our company are more than caregivers. As a Team Member  you become an extension of our entire company including Sales, HR and Operations.

Welcome to Comfort Keepers
of Folsom, Roseville, Sacramento and Marin

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